Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The New Amsterdams - At The Foot Of My Rival

On the latest from The New Amsterdams, primary element Matt Pryor (formerly of the Get Up Kids) continues to wow with his adeptness at formulating instantly lovable indie pop songs with a keen mind for lyrical content. Being the third album from The New Amsterdams in two years, not to mention a children's album released by Pryor in the same time period, it is notable that the material hasn't become tiresome or stale.

Opening up with a lo-fi acoustic burner ("Revenge"), At The Foot Of My Rival (Curb Appeal, click the album art above to purchase) quickly turns into an eclectic amalgam of indie rock and pop, with solo acoustics and full-band songs with string and horn The charged "Without A Sound (Eleanor)" is packed with sound and imploding lovers, whereas "Hughes" keeps it lean and "Beacon In Beige" opens up the throttle again with electric guitars, effects pedals, and a band.

Catch The New Amstersdams at The Rock and Roll Hotel in DC on October 18.

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