Friday, October 12, 2007

Shuyler Jansen - Today's Remains

Shuyler Jansen - Today's Remains

Saskatoon (by way of Vancouver) is home to Shuyler Jansen. Jansen's second solo record is vocally reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam and musically influenced by country music from when it was really country, not CMT and civic center commercialized drivel.

Modestly clocking in at just over forty minutes, Today's Remains (Black Hen Music, 2007) opens with a jaunty dramatic ditty ("Pegasus") that introduces ten songs of tales tall and true. With sliding guitars, pedal steel ("Rivals") and dulcet strings (title track), Today's Remains continues Jansen's challenge to storytellers like Willie Nelson and songwriters like Tom Petty, stirring together genres to form a dusty and leathery country record that is unfortunately too clever and well-done to succeed on American country radio.

Key tracks: "Jealous Girl", "Pegasus", "Today's Remains", "Rivals"

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Kristen R. said...

I enjoyed your review. I keep coming back to this album. It's one of my favourites from 2007. Shuyler's been honing his craft for a while now and acclaim is overdue.