Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Seattle Rock Reference on "Homicide"

Homicide - Life On The Streets

"Homicide: Life On The Streets", based here in Baltimore, has another reference to grunge rock. On October 14 I posted about characters named Layne Staley and Chris Novoselic. Today, watching Season 4, a husband killed his wife. The family name: Vedder. Someone was really into Vs. when they wrote the story for this one. And, later in the same episode, at the cop's bar, Detective Bayliss is dancing to PJ Harvey's "Working For The Man" from To Bring You My Love.

That puts the rocker tally at 3:
1) Layne Staley
2) Chris Novoselic
3) Eddie Vedder

Have I missed anything else up to this point? I'm only on Season 4, mind you, so I've got a couple seasons to catch up on, so I'm thinking up to this point, not in the last seasons.

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