Friday, December 29, 2006

Revolver Magazine Profiles Christian Metal; Get Dark With MP3 From Kittie

Revolver Magazine

In the February 2007 issue of Revolver Magazine, the cover story is about Christian metal bands. Bands covered include As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Underoath, and Demon Hunter (what, no Stryper?) The Christian metal scene, dominated in the mainstream by labels such as Tooth & Nail and Solid State, has really blown up in the last two years. Norma Jean and As I Lay Dying have both played Ozzfest, Underoath played Warped Tour (before dropping off amidst a near break-up), and sites like PureVolume are inundated with these groups.

I don't want to judge a band based on its message, nevertheless an entire scene. Wait, I do that with bands like My Chemical Romance and the Killers, so I could, but I actually like Norma Jean! And if bands can profit off of pretending to be Satanists or clowns or mimes (see MCR's makeup for their Halloween show), why can't these bands actually write about what they are motivated by? Christians of these bands' variety are bound, by the tenets of their faith, to proselytize and use their capabilities to spread the message of Jesus. Rage Against The Machine (or at least Zach de la Rocha) felt obligated to spread their message of political change via their music, and only those of a closed mind spoke ill of that. We must not have closed minds about what this metal scene is saying, but enjoy the music. I didn't go crazy and join rebels in Central America listening to RATM, and I don't think anything similar will happen to me listening to Underoath (even though I don't). And besides, kids could do worse than listen to church music.

On an unrelated completely metal but not Christian metal note, here's an MP3 from Kittie: Funeral For Yesterday. Their new album hits stores on February 20, 2007.

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