Friday, December 15, 2006

Rolling Stone Names 50 Best Albums Of 2006

Click the title to see Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2006. Bob Dylan's Modern Times takes RS's title this year. I understand how America kowtows to Bob Dylan, and any other time I'd call BS on this one, but I can't say that I thought anything was necessarily better this time around. Actually, it's a pretty good top 10, but c'mon, is The Hold Steady really that good that they get #8, not to mention that they beat Mastodon? Blood Mountain shreds. The Hold Steady play bar rock and rip off Jack Kerouac in one giant cliche of an album. Cat Power is definitely top 10 material, and clocks in at #6.
The New York Dolls hit #11, in what must be the band's 11th incarnation, as band members drop like flies. Pearl Jam comes in at #13, which seems like a fair shake for them. Wolfmother at #15 is decent. That's my top-secret album of right now, as I can't get enough of this '70s metal redux.
I love seeing my girl Regina Spektor at #21! My personal bias would bump her up about 10 spots, but she definitely makes the list. Also, The Decemberists (#23), Justin Timberlake (#26), Tool (#38), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (#44), and Neko Case (#45) come in, deservedly so, regardless of where you think they fall on the spectrum.
Some sadly included albums were Lady Sovereign (#48, she's not that good), Sean Lennon (#41), Thom Yorke (#34, go back to Radiohead, like, now), and My Chemical Romance (#20, maybe in the top 50, but somewhere below 25 would be appropriate).

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