Friday, September 07, 2007

Will Gray - Introducing Will Gray; Free MP3 - "I Just Wanna Love"

Will Gray

On his debut EP, Will Gray adds to the natural blend of hip hop and rhythm and blues by mixing in classical strings and banjo, creating an Americana-infused and soulful six-song gem called Introducing Will Gray.

Will Gray is comfortable throwing around rhymes ("This Goes Out") just as much as pouring out his soul in a Terence Trent D'Arby near-falsetto ("I Just Wanna Love") or a Ben Harper-esque guitar track ("Film Queue"). All comparisons must be loose, as the sound on Introducing is beautifully unique, beat-boxing party tracks ("Where You At") with a sarcastic and critical image of the rampant flossing in hip hop's current state mix in with funky strings ("This Goes Out") and eastern-inflected soul ("I Can't") as Gray experiments with various styles and fronts, demonstrating a desire to break new ground.

Get introduced to Will Gray and find a new way to experience rhythm and blues. The packaging to the EP will surprise you. It's clever and more environmentally friendly than standard jewel casing.

Free MP3: Will Gray - "I Just Wanna Love"

Purchase Introducing Will Gray at Will Gray's website.

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