Monday, September 10, 2007

Patrick Park - Everyone's In Everyone

Newly released on Curb Appeal Records, Patrick Park's Everyone's in Everyone is full of somber emotion in the timbre of Park's voice, but also thrives on bright guitar tones and the occasional piano. You know how they say as one life ends, a new life begins? Well, in the world of insightful-man-with-guitar, this saying works. Jeff Buckley may no longer be with us, but Patrick Park rises like a phoenix from the ashes and carries on. Dare I say it, but "Stay With Me Tomorrow" takes me to a place where I can almost think I'm listening to a discontented James Taylor, as Park's unadorned, yet passionately pleading, voice runs 3:35 over 12 strings and a Hammond organ.

Everyone's In Everyone takes a focal shift away from the introspective and purging LP Loneliness Knows My Name, decidedly standing up and getting on with things rather than continuing to dwell on "Time For Moving On", outwardly criticizing the brutality and violence of war on "Pawn's Song", and exploring the interconnectivity of mankind on the title track, "Everyone's In Everyone". Beyond the audible brilliance of Patrick Park's voice, he blends both acoustic and electric guitars to near perfection.

Everyone's In Everyone demands you to step outside ourselves ("Here We Are") and really think about what it is to be alive in the world we live in. I, for one, am glad to have Patrick Park's music to listen to while I do it.

Patrick Park plays tomorrow and Wednesday night at The 8x10, supporting Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (read a review of This Is Somewhere).

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