Monday, February 05, 2007

Arctic Monkeys To Release New Album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, April 24

Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys have finished their sophomore album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, and have scheduled a US release date of April 24 (April 23 everywhere else). The first single, "Brainstorm", will drop April 16.

"It's quite a bit heavier in some places -- there's also some really nice songs on there," producer James Ford tells of the new album. "Some of the songs maybe [have] more depth to them. [It's] maybe not quite as instant as the first one."

Does that mean the album will clock in at longer than 28 minutes? Or will this be another shorter-than-your-lunchbreak barnstormer?

The tracklisting for Favourite Worst Nightmare:

"Teddy Picker"
"D Is for Dangerous"
"Fluorescent Adolescent"
"Only Ones Who Know"
"Do Me a Favour"
"This House Is a Circus"
"If You Were There, Beware"
"The Bad Thing"
"Old Yellow Bricks"

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