Friday, February 23, 2007

Madonna forbids Lourdes from dating


Madonna fans not lucky to have slept with her before Guy came along, forget any ambitions of passing the torch to your child, hoping he or she gets to date one of Madonna's kids (that would be the next best thing, right?). According to an MTV News story, Madonna has forbidden Lourdes from men until she is grown. What if it turns out she's into girls, Madge?

Madonna has also "banned Lourdes and her younger brother Rocco from watching TV and eating junk food, makes them earn their treats, and if they leave clothes on the floor they end up in the bin [trash, Americans, that means trash]."

I wonder if they have a naughty stool in their house? "Rocco, terrible behavior! To the naughty stool with you! Ten minutes!"

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EmmaK said...

So easy for celebs to be able to go all high and mighty about no tv and junk food...because they are never there and they can leave the nannies to implement the rules.