Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free MP3: Somme - "Massless"

"I would contend that we are the post-rock instrumental version of Rob Crow, and you would absolutely love our music[.]"

That's what was in my inbox. Post-rock, instrumental, I was kind of sold on that, so I had to listen. The Rob Crow reference was absurd, though. Somme is a Chicago duo that combines the sounds of Slint, Pelican, and somehow, in an abstract way, Khanate all into one. Granted, Somme did tell me they were post-rock, not post-hardcore, so don't expect to be blasted into Hell with crazy feedback, though you will get pounded with some vicious drums. A little less drone than Khanate, no vocals like Pelican (sometimes) has, and a little too crisp to be Slint, but if you listen, you'll hear what I mean.

"Massless" is an epic instrumental. Gargantuan drums and the long picking of an SG, it's six minutes well spent.

Download "Massless" by Somme from their MySpace. UPDATE: Links should be working now. Let me know if there are still download problems!

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