Tuesday, February 27, 2007

David Geffen gets nasty all over the Clinton campaign

David Geffen

It's old news now, but it's still funny:

David Geffen Geffen Records, co-founder of Dreamworks SKG) has been unhappy with Bill Clinton since Clinton refused to pardon Leonard Peltier but did grant a pardon to white-collar criminal financier Marc Rich. Now Gef is getting personal, saying that Hillary Clinton is "the easiest to beat" of the Democratic candidates for President in 2008 and calling Hillary out for refusing to say she made a mistake on voting for war in Iraq.

Hillary has stated "My vote was a sincere vote based on the facts and assurances that I had at the time," Clinton said. "And I have taken responsibility for my votes and I believe that none of us should get a free pass. It is us up to the voters to judge what each of us has said and done."

The Clinton campaign is asking Barack Obama to return David Geffen's $2,300.00 contribution to his campaign, saying "his campaign embraces the politics of trash." Looks like Hilly Clint is slinging the mud!

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SC said...

All that was over Leonard Peltier?! Wow. I guess blogs are good for learning new things after all.