Monday, April 09, 2007

Lollapalooza Organizers To Absorb Ticket Convenience Charges


Lollapalooza tickets will carry no surcharges this year, according to a Pollstar report. Festival organizers say the fees will be absorbed in the ticket price itself. So, WYSIWYG, according to the festival organizers. "For $55 a day, 130-plus bands, including Pearl Jam's only North American appearance all year, along with everything Chicago has to offer and a great site at Grant Park, is tough to beat. It's a great value," said Charlie Walker, VP of C3 Presents, the Lollapalooza organizer.

This presents an interesting take on fees that ticket vendors like Ticketmaster charge. Have promoters been deflating the apparent cost of a ticket by opting not to pay the vendor and leaving the vendor exposed to charge the customer itself, necessarily making vendor fees public? There is no national competitor of viable proportions to Ticketmaster, therefore no price wars, which has allowed vendor fees to continue to swell over the years. Along with Ozzfest in challenging the current business paradigm, will Lollapalooza be changing the ticketing business?

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