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Any Given Tuesday Podcast In Collaboration With SEN Baltimore

Any Given Tuesday podcast

SEN (scene) Baltimore

I am very excited to announce that Any Given Tuesday is working with SEN Baltimore to produce a podcast all about Baltimore music. The podcast will be named after this site, Any Given Tuesday, and is hosted by yours truly. The first episode will broadcast live on Tuesday, May 22, at 9:30 Eastern Time and will feature an interview with Thrushes and will deliver a demo of their latest song, "Trees", to the masses. Listeners will have the opportunity to call in and speak with the band.

Download the Press Release and help spread the word or read below:

SĒN Baltimore and Any Given Tuesday Announce Baltimore Music Podcast
First Episode Featuring Breakout Band Thrushes will be Broadcast Live Online

BALTIMORE, Maryland, May 15, 2007—Building upon the powerful media content of Baltimore entertainment magazine SĒN Baltimore ( and the expansive music coverage of music blog Any Given Tuesday (, the two organizations have joined forces to create an “Any Given Tuesday” podcast covering the latest and hottest sounds in the Baltimore music scene.

“Any Given Tuesday” will premiere May 22, 2007 at 9:30 PM Eastern as a live internet broadcast on, kicking off a series of podcast media from The SĒN Baltimore Network. Hosted by Barrett King, creator of Any Given Tuesday, the first episode will feature an interview with Baltimore’s own Thrushes (, who have been setting the indie rock scene aflame with their debut album, Sun Come Undone. Thrushes will play a song from the album as well as a newly-recorded track that has yet to take over the blogosphere. Listeners will be able to listen live online and have the opportunity to call in and talk to the band.

“What Any Given Tuesday and SĒN Baltimore are doing here could become essential to Baltimore artists. Current traditional outlets like print and word-of-mouth are important, but a downloadable podcast with interviews, songs, and the ability to call in on some episodes and participate with the artists in real time is going to change the way we find new music in this town," King said. "This isn’t big media jumping on late in the game and trying to break news that fans already know about; this is the scene breaking itself. The trendsetters get to beat the suits to the punch. Working with SĒN Baltimore, 'Any Given Tuesday' wants to keep music trends with those who actually shape them: the artists and fans.”

Michael Nguyen, director of SĒN Baltimore, is equally enthusiastic. “The goal of The SĒN Baltimore Network is to cover all the bases by reaching out via multiple media formats. SĒN Baltimore magazine is visually aggressive and so is its companion website,," Nguyen said. "The 'Any Given Tuesday' podcast, and future podcasts from SĒN, will push the envelope even further with an internet audio presence that can be downloaded to an MP3 player and listened to while driving or walking to work, browsing stacks at the record store, and so on.”

“Any Given Tuesday” is planned to become a regular feature, with flexible programming formulas to spotlight bands of various genres all over the Baltimore region. “We aren’t necessarily locked in to Baltimore proper,” King said, “but the band has to have a tie to the area. I’m from Delaware, and Baltimore reaches out that far with respect to the small venue crowd. If a band is willing to do shows in the area and be a part of our community, that’s close enough for me.”

“Driving to D.C. for a show once felt like a necessity for Baltimoreans," Nguyen said. "Our scene is changing, and as it grows, so will the scenes of the surrounding areas. We have to break the news that there is much more to this region than D.C. suburbs.”

About Any Given Tuesday
Any Given Tuesday ( is a music blog featuring album reviews, concert reviews, tour dates and legal MP3s from artists both local and national.

About SĒN Baltimore
SĒN Baltimore ( is published by RETROFORWARD, LLC and offers both print and online editions of its magazine with free information on Baltimore trends and nightlife.

Barrett King, Creator, Any Given Tuesday,, or +1-443-955-5382

Michael Nguyen, owner of RETROFORWARD, LLC, 1.888.507.8289

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