Monday, May 14, 2007

Band In A Bubble featuring Cartel; Win A Prize Pack From Cartel, Dr. Pepper, and M80

Dr. Pepper and M80 have informed Any Given Tuesday about a project called Band In A Bubble featuring Cartel. Cartel will be sealed inside a huge transparent bubble on Hudson River Park's Pier 54 in New York City from May 24 through June 12, and every move they make will be live for the world to see as they eat, breathe, sleep and record the follow-up to their debut album, Chroma.

Cartel will be trapped inside the bubble for the duration of recording, with webcams streaming, and there will be a music special in four 30-minute episodes aired on MTV.

As for the bubble itself, it is a 40-by-40 foot state-of-the-art recording studio equipped with everything Cartel needs to record their next album. Designed by international firm TPG Architecture, the 2,000-square-foot structure will consist of 55,000 pounds of steel truss and quarter-inch-thick fireproof rigid fiber glass. Three semi-circular steel arches will loop the bubble and act as light trusses to provide a glowing effect. While in the bubble, Cartel will have access to a custom kitchen and dining room, a casual lounge area and a spa-like bathroom as well as a “Sleeping Bubble,” or mezzanine level, which will be a giant pod elevated nine feet off the ground and hung in place with airplane hanger cables, that will house the band's sleeping quarters.

Click the banner above to check out the Band In A Bubble. You can also join the Band In A Bubble Street Team.

To top it all off, Cartel, M80 and Dr. Pepper have been generous enough to offer a Cartel prize pack (containing CDs, posters, and more) for giveaway on Any Given Tuesday. Leave a comment or send Any Given Tuesday an email and you'll have the chance to win something out of the prize pack when Cartel comes out of the bubble!

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