Friday, May 18, 2007

KRS-One and Hip-Hop Appreciation Week; New KRS-One Album with Marley Marl: Hip-Hop Lives


As my favorite Blastmaster MC, KRS-One, has represented since 1998, we are in the midst of Hip-Hop Appreciation Week (May 14-21).

According to KRS: "During this time (May 14th-21st 2007) the Hip Hop community refocuses itself through a collective reviewand update of its own history and core principles and elements. Principles- peace,love, unity and having fun. Elements- Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. The idea is to celebrate Hip Hop itself.

"Let us show our respect for Hip Hop with a sincere respect for one another. Men—support the women in your life. Women, comfort the men in your life. And let us all remain committed to the well-being of our children; they are the reason we do what we do. Love your children. Reserve a special love for them. Give them your time and your attention. Be patient with them. Touch them, hug them, play with them and be sure to teach them, advise them, protect them, discipline them, and most of all LISTEN to them. One of the best ways to teach our children that they are valuable is to value them. Often we must compliment them, point out their special qualities to them, fulfill their prayers, support their legitimate dreams and aspirations and let them know that we are interested in them. They are the future of Hip Hop! The preservation of our children IS the preservation of Hip Hop. HAPPY HIP HOP APPRECIATION WEEK! There it is."

Much respect to KRS-One. He has maintained a legacy of intelligent hip-hop, always challenging and always positive. I, for one, support his work and envy his dedication to his community. With his influence, we will see more positive hip-hop; hip-hop that we can be proud of down the road. Hip-hop we can give to our children as a time capsule of our lives, not boilerplate, commercial hip-hop that glamorizes this moment in life which will surely pass, but that provides a much-needed intellectual stream of good lyrics over quality beats that defy popular culture.

And, in a step showing impeccable timing, KRS-One's joint effort with Marley Marl, Hip-Hop Lives, hits streets on May 22.

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