Monday, May 28, 2007

Metal Monday: Ion Dissonance; Free MP3 - "Kneel"

Ion Dissonance

Meet Ion Dissonance (whom I knew as ID357 for longer than I'd like to admit before I got a clue). These Canucks make brutal grindcore that will be visiting VA for the Summer Slaughter Tour and Allentown, PA for Infest 2007. I just listened to their latest track, "Kneel", and this is a preview of what I am convinced will be the band's most mature, technical album to date. As a huge fan of metal, prog, and so much more, I am thrilled to see heavier and heavier bands get more and more technical.

Ion Dissonance's new album, Minus the Herd, comes out on June 5.

Free MP3: Ion Dissonance - "Kneel"

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