Friday, May 11, 2007

Slayer Next Band To Create A Fee-Based Fan Club: Slatanic Wehrmacht


Slayer have announced their official fanclub, Slatanic Wehrmacht. For $25/year, the site offers pre-sale tickets (real handy for the upcoming tour), a members-only website, contests, giveaways, a fan club store with member discount, newsletters, and a membership packet including a DVD and a bunch of crap you'll never let see the light of day again.

I'm sure there is a very good counter to my feelings about fan clubs (like guaranteeing fans tickets without dealing with scalpers), but every band in the world is coming up with these. If I had to drop thirty bucks to join a fan club (or worse, thirty bucks a year) for all the bands I am a fan of, I'd need three full-time jobs. And then the presale tickets would be lost on me. I don't need a glossy paper ID with my name printed on a dot-matrix printer to remind me that I like a band. What's worse, if a membership is renewed annually, what if that band doesn't tour that year? The only really good reason to be a member is for tickets, and if there are no tickets to be bought, well, that membership was worthless!

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