Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks to everyone who checked out the first episode of Any Given Tuesday; Download the MP3

Any Given Tuesday podcast logo

The first Any Given Tuesday podcast went down last night. A big thanks to Michael Nguyen at SEN Baltimore for producing, and another tip of the hat to Thrushes for sitting down with us and talking about everything from taking time off work for touring to obsessing about gear and even baseball. Way cooler was letting Any Given Tuesday premiere their new demo, "Trees" before it hit the blogosphere for mass download. Even though this was the first episode, and we had some technical issues, things came out well. If you weren't able to listen last night, or had trouble hearing the live stream, you can download Episode 1 here.

I'm starting work on Episode 2 today, which will be available next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. This will be more of a radio format show. It won't be live, and it will be just me and a few songs by Baltimore bands that you need to hear. Drop me an email or leave a comment, let me know what you think of the first show, and what you want to hear in the future!

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