Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Any Given Tuesday Takes Chicago Vacation

Happy 4th of July! I am happy to say that I am going on vacation next week with Kristen. There may or may not be posts from July 10-13 depending on whether I can either log some posts in advance to publish for those days or arrange some guest bloggers (anyone interested? Leave a comment or email me.) to cover for me. I will have internet access, but intend to use it very sparingly. We will be in Chicago, Kristen's old stomping grounds, seeing the sights and enjoying some much-earned alone time. I'm hoping to meet R. Kelly and tell him how much I love the "Same Girl" track, but if anyone else is interested in meeting up around the Hancock Building, my hotel is right across the street. No paparazzi, please.

I also need a cure for nailbiting, if anyone's got some advice. I've been chewing my nails for way too long, and it's got to stop.

Now go enjoy your Independence Day! And if you're at work, enjoy yourself immensely once you get off! You deserve it.


scott said...

please try to stay low key in chicago. and no crazy getaway stunts ala princess Di. have fun.

Laura Queen of the Garth said...

Start smoking! That'll cure your nasty nailbiting habit!