Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nike To Donate To Local Baltimore Charities


Throwing out what might be the best thing about the previously reported Nike Air Force One collabs with Nas, Kanye, Rakim, and KRS-One (and produced by DJ Premier), Nike has announced plans to donate proceeds from the tracks to Baltimore charities including local chapters of The Boys & Girls Club of America and The Salvation Army.

According to the press release, "Known for the pivotal role it played in the popularity of the Air Force 1, Baltimore is home to three of the original Air Force 1 retailers including Downtown Locker Room. In Baltimore the love for the Air Force 1 took the form of a groundswell of support that emerged in the early 80s and eventually spread all over the world. The presence of the shoe on all sides of town turned the AF1 into Baltimore's shoe of choice, a revolutionary footwear product that spoke volumes about the city's love for basketball and made Baltimore a key player in the subsequent resurrection of the Air Force 1 and the flourish of basketball culture."

The track, "Classic - Better Than I've Ever Been" is available on iTunes along with another original Nike song, "The Second Coming" produced by Just Blaze with lyrics by Juelz Santana.

Would have preferred to see smaller, more grassroots charities get the loot, but at least Nike is giving money to our fair city.

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