Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dan Deacon Played Pitchfork Festival in Chicago This Weekend, Failed To Have AGT Lovefest

Dan Deacon

It is worth noting that my Chicago vacation coincided with the Pitchfork Music Festival, which I did not attend. Why? One reason is that Pitchfork is an online zine that you love or hate, and I generally hate it. I just can't get down with their whole hipster agenda. Sure, I would have loved to have seen Slint, Cat Power (still listening to The Greatest, Chan. . .brilliant record!), etc., but I don't think I could take 3 hours (not to mention 3 days) with a bunch of white belts and pencil jeans. And hearing a bunch of suburbans and middle-class urbanites getting live with Clipse and drug violence . . . I'm getting ill.

Brooklyn Vegan, however, has an interesting article about the Fire Marshal shutting down Dan Deacon and Girl Talk because their sets drew massive crowds. Cool pictures of the Deac on BV, looking a bit rotund and without his usual uber-geek glasses (see above and at BV's site. . .how about that gingerly redhead looking enamored with Dan Deacon?). It's alright, Danners, I'm four-eyed and kind of round myself. But there I was, in the Chi, and another person was there reppin' Balto, and you left me hanging, Dan. You left me hanging and didn't get in touch so we could hold hands and walk through Millenium Park together. See if I come to your set at Whartscape this weekend!

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