Friday, July 20, 2007

Hollywood Records Introduces New Compact Disc Technology To Amp Up Album Sales

I just learned about this new format the other day when I received my advance copy of the new album by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, This Is Somewhere. So far, the album is something else. Really good stuff, and I love Ms. Potter's pipes! More rocking out on here than the last record, too.

Moving along, Hollywood Records, the label releasing the album, is a Disney imprint. Hollywood is introducing a new CD format called CDVU+ (CD View Plus), effective this past Wednesday. Complete with digital extras like magazines, photos and lyrics, the format will also use recyclable packaging and dispose of the classic jewel cases we know and love (and should feel guilty for using).

According to Hollywood, Grace Potter will not be the first official release to use the new technology, but instead teen "punk" band The Jonas Brothers are first in line when their record streets on August 7. No word yet on whether this new tech will increase floundering album sales, or whether Hannah Montana's next album will be CDVU+ capable.


Laundro said...

Is this a new technology? Isn't this the same thing they did in the 90s with the CD+G, CD-Text, Enhanced CD, etc... ?

Any Given Tuesday said...

I hear you! That's what I was thinking, too. They're touting it as new technology, but I'm sure it will be "new" when laserdiscs come back, too.