Monday, July 09, 2007

Contest Promoter Issues

To the winners of the Cartel contest (who have been previously notified), I apologize for the failure of the promotional company to provide your prizes. You have all expressed thanks for the alternative prizes and I truly appreciate your understanding.

The promoter promised to send me the prize packs prior to the end of the media hype so that I could announce winners here on Any Given Tuesday contemporaneously with the exit from the bubble by the band. That never occurred. I asked more than once when I might expect those prizes, and was told the prizes were coming from the sponsors of the contest, but had not yet arrived. More recently, I inquired about the prizes since we were well past the end of the contest and explained that I would prefer to avoid reporting to my readers that the company fell through. I regret to report that M80 neglected to respond to my email and have therefore neglected to satisfy their end of our agreement.

As a small-time blogger like myself, it is hard to burn a bridge with a promo/PR agency, but I will not take lightly a failure to come through on a promise both to this site and, by proxy, its readers. Without an explanation and clarification for my readers why the prizes fell through, I will no longer provide press for that company. Nor will I post any information about contests unless and until I either have the prizes in hand to give to the readers, or a contract or other enforceable writing indicating how fans will receive their prize.

Thanks again to the contest winners for graciously accepting your back-up prizes. I hope you enjoy them, and all future contests will not end in this fashion.

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