Tuesday, June 05, 2007

lala.com To Incorporate iTunes, Allowing Users To Store Music Online. . .Free!


Music trading service lala.com has announced a new web-based service that enables users to store their iTunes library online for free. This will allow users to play music from anywhere, share it with anyone (in theory, but what about DRM?) and purchase iTunes music anywhere, anytime.

In addition, lala will allow music fans to:

-- Host an iTunes or any other digital library and have them universally
accessible from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection.
-- Fill an iPod from the Web - a technological first in turning the iPod
into a connected, online device with loading from any
Internet-connected computer.
-- Share a library with friends or stream others' playlists.
-- Try before they buy and listen to full albums without limitations and
purchase music in either CD or digital form for iPods.
-- Future-proof their digital music purchases with the assurance that they
can get the physical CD for a small convenience fee starting at $2.99.

This might do me good as I make the transition from PC to Mac next week. I have all my tunes on an external hard drive that's formatted for PC, but I want to make it all readable (and writable) from my spankin' new Mac. With this new service, I can upload my library online, reformat my external drive, and then re-download it all onto the Mac-formatted drive so I can read and write to the disk. Awesome!

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