Monday, June 04, 2007

So So Indie: Wilco Makes A Licensing Deal With Volkswagen


Wilco have brokered a deal with Volkswagen to use songs from the band's new album, Sky Blue Sky in car commercials. The first song will be "The Thanks I Get."

I'm sure Jeff Tweedy and the boys are getting quite a few thanks (read: $$$) from the German carmaker. Forgive me for being so cliche and decrying the whole "selling out" issue, but what is it with so-called indie bands selling their wares to become muzak and commercials? I know there's a lot of cash involved, and if I were the artist, yeah, I'd probably go for it. I just hope the indie scenesters aren't too far gone to understand that this move is decidedly un-indie. Wilco is not an indie band, folks. They are major, both in label and in marketing value. Same with Of Montreal and all the other bands you think are so pure and wholesome.

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scott said...

sigh, as long as i can keep my Killers and Franz Ferdinand Indie, im good. :-)