Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins Bleed Fans Dry With Zeitgeist

When the so-called Smashing Pumpkins (is it really them with just Billy and Jimmy? I don't think so.) release Zeitgeist next month, they intend to release four versions of the album. Repeat: four (4) versions. Best Buy, iTunes, and Target each get their own version with a different bonus track for each retailer, and there is a final, generic version for everyone else (including the independent retailers you should be supporting over the foregoing ones).

The worst detail of this whole debacle is that Target's edition is the only one that gets the title track to the album! I'm sorry, you mean to tell me that if I want the song for which the album is named, I have to go deep into the life-sucking 'burbs to the big red box and buy the album? As little as any of us care about a Smashing Pumpkins reunion sans James Iha or D'Arcy, I, for one, suddenly care less than ever. In fact, I refuse to put a single dollar in the pocket of a big, bald money-sucking vampire like Billy Corgan.

If you do decide to buy, here's the tracklist you're going to get when you avoid Best Buy, iTunes, and Target like the plague:

01 Doomsday Clock
02 7 Shades of Black
03 Bleeding the Orchid
04 That's the Way (My Love Is)
05 Tarantula
06 Starz
07 United States
08 Neverlost
09 Bring the Light
10 (Come On) Let's Go!
11 For God and Country
12 Pomp and Circumstances

Best Buy gets the bonus "Death From Above", Target gets "Zeitgeist", iTunes gets "Stellar". Moreover, iTunes gets a bonus covers set, featuring The Bravery, The Academy Is..., Panic! at the Disco, Test Your Reflex, and +44. I think I just threw up a little.

Throw objects at the Smashing Pumpkins when they play Virgin Fest in Baltimore.


platypotamus said...

that's friggin' obscene. corgan should be ashamed. I'm surprised the "reunion" tour isn't sponsored by Hillfinger too.

Billy, I don't think we're in Gish anymore.

Keith Z-G said...

And here I was thinking that it might not be that bad of an album . . . alright, I guess I'll go back to waiting for the new Auf der Maur album, in some ways that'll almost be more authentically Smashing Pumpkins than this ultra-commercialized self-parody. Not that I won't pirate it, of course . . . but I'll save the money I have left after paying rent for better albums (I hear the new White Stripes has an excellent vinyl version, for example).

Laundro said...

Friggin' lame. What a great album to download illegally!