Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Any Given Tuesday" Podcast: Episode 2 featuring Salim, Pontiak, and Brian Adam Ant

Any Given Tuesday podcast

Following up on the first podcast with Thrushes (and trying to keep the show coming out on Tuesdays), the second episode is a radio-show format with tracks from Salim (read a review of Salim's album here), Brian Adam Ant (read a review of Separation Celebration here), and Pontiak. The podcast is produced in collaboration with SEN Baltimore.

Song List:
Salim - "Stresses of the City" from the album Hip Hop Revisited
Brian Adam Ant - "Our Artillery" from the album Separation Celebration
Pontiak - "Sun on Sun" from the forthcoming Sun on Sun

Visit SEN Baltimore to check out Episode 2 of Any Given Tuesday

Read AGT's review of Pontiak's current album, Valley of the Cats. Pontiak's Sun on Sun comes out in September. Expect a review of that soon.

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