Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Gossip Video: "Jealous Girls"

The Gossip

Check out the new Gossip video for "Jealous Girls". Totally '80s. And totally expected. It's a clever video, I love the low-lit set and the whole venetian blind thing (which in itself is so 80s. Death to venetian blinds!). I'm still listening to "Standing In The Way of Control", but I never really dug this song.

Beth Ditto has caught flack for a while now about being unabashedly proud of who she is. To critics, that means a plus-sized lesbian. If Ditto was a man, would anyone care about her weight? It's really interesting that we can accept her sexual orientation but yet mock her for being askew of our societal beauty standards. Anyway. Sing it, Beth!


scott said...

not sure how new the vid is, i was told this has been out since last year.

Any Given Tuesday said...

Yeah, you got me . . . I wrote this post a long time ago and forgot to ever publish it. And when I finally did, I didn't take away the "new video" part.