Saturday, March 24, 2007

Album Review: Bang! Bang! - The Dirt That Makes You Drown, On Sale April 10

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! describe themselves as Chicago's "premier sex rock band." I might describe them as The B-52s possessed with a punk rock libido and a little too much listening to Richard Hell.

On The Dirt That Makes You Drown (available from Morphius on April 10), Gretta Fine (vocals, bass) and Jackie Flash (vocals, guitar) are joined by two new members: drummer Nick Kraska and part-time keyboardist Rachel Shindelman. Packing an extra punch, Bang! Bang! break out dance punk and New Wave that is ten times more danceable than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and maybe even a lot cooler.

Those needing a quick definition of what Bang! Bang! is should look to the opener "What We Need", a seedy dance punk number that lets Flash opine that "what I really think we need is love." Also check out "All Messed Up" for some hip-moving power chords. "Prefab Nation" is the standout track on the album, from the keyboard to the "Oh, oh-oh" chorus, the band wants to fight off suburban homogenization and convince us all to "keep on rocking." Like ordinary lovers reach for Barry White, the aggressive posture of The Dirt That Makes You Drown is mood music for fans of the pop-punk sound.

You can download "What We Need" on Bang! Bang!'s MySpace page.

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