Thursday, March 22, 2007

University of Nebraska Joins Colleges In Denying The RIAA

Following the recent news of university resistance to RIAA practices of issuing pre-litigation settlement offers to alleged internet music pirates, the University of Nebraska (UNL) has joined the fray.

Claiming it was "unable to identify a large number of targeted students due to technical issues," meaning dynamic IP addresses that switch regularly and make it difficult to identify a particular user at a particular time without adequate records, UNL did not forward settlement letters to most of the infringing students (9 out of 23 were identified and given the letters).

The RIAA's tongue lashing response: "One would think universities would understand the need to retain these records." UNL officials defend with the high administrative costs such identification would entail, which the RIAA has refused to reimburse the university for, calling it "neither practical nor appropriate for us to entertain a reimbursement request."

Source: Digital Music News

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