Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Any Given Tuesday's Shameless Plea For Your Support

Here at Any Given Tuesday, we don't often get whiny and ask for support, but today is one of those days. Since starting up back in September of 2006, things have been speeding along at a pretty good clip, with site visitors and subscribers increasing regularly, and often in exciting spurts. So, thanks! It means a lot to see those hits, particularly from those of you who continue to stop in on a regular basis.

That being said, AGT needs your help. As popularity grows, bandwidth gets used up (insert collective groan here) and it makes it harder to offer you the legal MP3s we try to dish up whenever possible. Not only that, but we want to leave Blogger and get hosted somewhere that loves us, so we can store MP3s, images, and our pages on one server. To do that, we need the readers to help out. The easy way is money. You can donate by clicking on the Paypal button in the right margin. That's too easy, and you don't get your money for free (but if you're one of the few that does get free money, please, share it).

The easier way (even though it helps Google and other giants get paid) is to click on advertisements. There are Google ads at the top of the screen, and all album titles and album art link to Just clicking on Google ads gets us paid, and everything you buy at Amazon gets us a commission. (On the Amazon note, we're interested in an indie distro partner that will help us sever ties with the corporate conglomerate.) Google sees revenue from your clicks, too, but you aren't shelling out your scratch.

It is important to say that AGT isn't here to get rich. We go to work every day at regular jobs, and those aren't making us rich, so this site certainly isn't going to do it, either. We simply want to cover the overhead and keep bringing you great news and other material. Your funds will go exclusively to hosting costs, server storage, phone and mailing fees, etc. The absolute pie-in-the-sky dream over here is to break even doing what we're doing.

Another free and wonderful thing you can do is subscribe to Any Given Tuesday. On the right margin are buttons to add the feed to your feed readers, to subscribe via email, and to add the site's RSS feed to your web browser (Mozilla Firefox is capable of it, and so is IE7). Increased subscriber numbers will allow us to obtain advertising revenue from our RSS feed.

Caveat: Any Given Tuesday is not going to clog the site with advertisements. We want to bring you ads that are relevant to what you like. And we want to do that without Amazon and hopefully without Google. They can partner with the big boys and girls. We want subscribers and hits that make it worthwhile for smaller organizations to hook us up with ad revenue. You benefit by seeing ads that don't entirely suck.

So, that's the solicitation. Help us help you. Order of priority for the help you can give: (1) Subscribe to the site. (2) When you log on in your browser, do it through rather than the Blogger address). (3) Donate (a buck, two bucks, that's more than Google is giving). (4) Click on ads every time you visit (and you can right click, open in a new tab/browser, and you won't leave this page!). (5) Join us on MySpace (the page will tell you more about AGT). Plus (6) you can call us or email us and let us know how we're doing (contact info is in the top-right margin), and leave comments on the site! We love you all and want to communicate with you!

Thanks for coming to Any Given Tuesday, and thanks for continuing to stop by. Here's to another six months, and to making it six years.

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SC said...

That was even more shameless than when Blogtimore begged for cash last year. Nice job!