Friday, March 30, 2007

Major Labels To Accept Unsolicited Demos Via Blogging Format

As if blogging could be shown to be any better of a platform to get your piece out there, both Columbia Records and RCA Records UK Divisions (both owned by Sony-BMG have announced they will only accept demos from unsigned bands in blogging platform from now on.

Of course, being the power mogul that Sony-BMG is, you gotta use the platforms the label chooses: for now, Six Apart/Vox (ruling out Blogger and *gasp* MySpace).

We're not aware yet what impact this might have on American artists. But will the impact of this move even be that great? So far, the most recognized of the online-breaking bands have broken by word-of-mouth among fans, not by plugging their web presence in A&R mailboxes.

Source: NMA UK

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