Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Early November, Matchbook Romance Break Up

The Early November

The Early November have announced that they are taking "an indefinite hiatus" at the end of the current tour. Having released an overly zealous double (correction, triple. . .thanks, Anonymous) album, The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path last year, and currently touring in support of it (the tour ends 4/14 in Philadelphia), the band says "We've decided we need to take some time and see that life isn't all dirty rock clubs, rest stops at 2 am, and long distance phone calls. We have to be where we haven't been in the past six years; with our friends, family, and loved ones."

I'm down with that. Good choice based upon good reason, fellas.

Matchbook Romance

The same goes for Matchbook Romance, who are also calling it quits after a moderately successful release with Voices.

Click the album title to buy these bands' last hurrahs.


Anonymous said...

Eh, just to let you know, The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path was a triple album. =S

Anonymous said...

thank god.the early novemeber are a terrible excuse for a band and this is what needed to happen

Anonymous said...

thank god this is what need to happen

the early november area terrible excuse for a band.

again thank god!