Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Changes In Social Networking Landscape

Streakr logo

Another social networking site just launched, this one out of London. Streakr's goal is to come at you with more attitude than other social sites. I was eyeing this up for its launch, and it's happened, but I haven't signed up. Anyone out there trying it yet? If you go to it from this site, tell 'em we sent you!

In other news, Facebook is reportedly asking for over $1 billion in its bid to be bought out. No wonder rumors of Yahoo scooping them up fizzled.

Anyone involved in social networking (major labels are apparently beginning to require their bands to have MySpace pages, why else would the White Stripes finally enter the MySpace world?) knows that MySpace is on its last legs. We all hate Tom and his fat pockets and stupid MySpace profile, and we hate the constant errors which, of course, have been forwarded to a system administrator. But who's next?

In the current Web 2.0 (shudder) world, the consumer driving the social networking world is the young pre-teen and teen who suffers no allegiance to any one page. This consumer will go where the "cool" is (which turned out to be far away from Friendster, and what's up with Yahoo 360?). Right now, there's Bebo skewing toward the younger consumer. Cozi is after the moms and dads. With various markets to be tapped, the potential is almost infinite. The point: social networking is too big for one titan. There will likely at any given time be 2-3 big names in the market fighting to stay relevant as the next big thing starts clawing its way up.

Thankfully for Any Given Tuesday, we haven't spent that much time on our MySpace page.

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