Monday, January 29, 2007

New York's Knitting Factory Makes Serious Sound Improvements

Knitting Factory

The Knitting Factory in New York today announced all-new lighting and PA systems, a new onstage monitor mix position and an HD audio/video capture system.

"The Knitting Factory has never looked or sounded better," said Jared Hoffman, President and CEO of Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE). "Entering our milestone 20th year, we are actively building on our reputation, not only as the place that showcases the best in emerging and established music, but also as a state-of-the-art venue that provides the very best audio-visual live music experiences. Equipping the NY facility with the most advanced technology we could find is just one more way we're demonstrating our absolute commitment to artists and audiences alike."

Want the technical specs?

Lighting System
The Knitting Factory's new intelligent lighting system unleashes an unlimited color palette and dazzling special effects. Driven by the programmable Hog 500 lighting console, the system features top-of-the-line Vari-Lite 2500 moving head luminaires, high-impact Martin Atomic 3000 watt strobe fixtures and the DF-50 atmospheric fog hazer. The system also boasts a professional par can array enabling frontal lighting and full washes of the stage from multiple angles.

Live Sound System
The venue's brand-new live sound system is anchored by a 32-channel Soundcraft MH3 console at front-of-house, and features state-of-the-art Meyer Sound UPA-2P and UPJ-1P self-powered main speakers and USW-1 sub-woofers. Outboard processors include popular devices by Klark-Teknik, Drawmer, TC Electronics, Lexicon and Meyer Sound. Also included are an onstage monitor position, featuring a new 24-channel Midas Siena console manned by a dedicated monitor engineer for the best stage sound possible.

HD Audio/Visual Content Capture System
In addition to the lighting and sound system upgrade, KFE is also installing a ground-breaking content capture system that will enable record labels and artists to cost-effectively capture live music content in high-definition quality. The system boasts 4 Sony BRC-H700 HD audio/video cameras and can be customized with unlimited operator/floor cameras for additional angles and shots, mixing, and post-production. Controlled from a production booth by a dedicated director, each robotic camera features independent pan, tilt, zoom capabilities. Additionally, the system boasts a Panasonic HD/SD switcher with full effects and processing, facilitating fast delivery of professional line edits (or camera ISO) to SD and HD DVD or cartridge formats. Multitrack or stereo audio capture is also available. A matching HD A/V capture system is also being installed in the Knitting Factory's Hollywood venue.

These improvements will make the live experience better, but will also allow for some [Insert Artist Name] - Live At The Knitting Factory albums that will enhance the venue's brand name.

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