Thursday, January 04, 2007

Is Joel Madden From Good Charlotte Packin'?

Joel Madden

As Rolling Stone reports, Joel Madden apparently ain't afraid of no stalker, because "I own a lot of guns. I’m ready." And as the post mentions, Hilary Duff, Madden's ex-girlfriend, once said she liked him because he's from a "really ghetto area in Maryland[.]" Ummmmmm....he's from Waldorf. Charles County. Southern Maryland. Population 22,312. It's essentially a D.C. suburb. Without getting into the baggage of Hil-D's comment, according to 2000 census statistics, Waldorf is a town where 58.58% of families are married couples, less than 3% of housing in Waldord is vacant, and over 77% of houses are owner-occupied. Yeah, sounds like a real economically depressed town. Median household income of $68,869, and 4.4% of population under the poverty line? Yeah, Waldorf, you're hurting.

Just to see where Hilary Duff is coming from, her hometown of Houston, Texas has census data reporting 43.2% of families as married couples, 8.2% vacant housing, and 45.8% homeowner occupancy. Not to mention median income of $36,616 and 16% of families living below the poverty line. Interesting opinion, Hilary.

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