Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New Look, Same Location

It's a new year, Any Given Tuesday is getting a new look. Trying to go for something more simple. The web address will remain http://www.anygiventuesday.info. Let me know if there are any viewing problems in your browser, so that I may correct them. In fact, maybe you should tell me how to correct them. Making sure all my customizations to the template remained intact and then sizing in IE (all while at work, no less) were painstaking enough.

And, as always, Any Given Tuesday (AGT) appreciates your support when you view the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, add the RSS feed to your personal aggregator, and even moreso when you click on ads and links in the site, or refer to AGT with a link on your own page! Thanks for sticking around so far!

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