Friday, August 10, 2007

Disco Romance In The USA, Courtesy of Sally Shapiro and Paper Bag Records

Sally Shapiro
Photo by Frida Klingberg

The enigmatic Sally Shapiro is about to make her US debut with Disco Romance (Paper Bag Records). Produced by Johange Bjorn (I can't type the umlauts over the 'o'), Romance is imbued with synthesizers and euro-disco flavor. It's a lot less pop-fueled than Annie's "Me Plus One" (which rotated on my iPod for a while), and more darkly passionate than Amber.

Tracklisting for Disco Romance:

1. I'll Be By Your Side (Extended Mix)
2. I Know
3. Find My Soul
4. Time to Let Go
5. Anorak Christmas
6. He Keeps Me Alive
7. Hold Me So Tight
8. Skating in the Moonshine
9. Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)
10. Sleep in My Arms

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