Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thanks For The Note

Today I was taking my mom sightseeing in Baltimore, and we stopped off at Record & Tape Traders in Charles Village. That store is closing in the not-too-distant future! Picked up some stuff at 20% off, that was cool. Then we walk outside, and the mirror has been lopped right off of the car. No paint damage, just a broken mirror. But hey, there's a note! Charles Walken, (410) 285-6791. So I call Mr. Walken, and the number is disconnected. Which leads me to believe someone punked my mirror down, intentionally, and left me a bogus note just to have a little fun with me. So, thanks! What a great thing to happen on what was a really good day.
Called the cops, they really just look like they would rather be anywhere else. Not that I expected them to do anything, but maybe other people are calling in, and it turns out it's a bunch of kids playing games, and the kids get caught. That was a laugh. Anyway, if you're out there, Mr. Walken, your number is disconnected, and I'd still love to have you pay for repairing my mirror.

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Alex said...

In Maryland everyone has Uninsured Motorist Protection. If the get who hits you doesn't have insurance or a hit and run, your insurance company can only charge you a $250 deductible and is required to provide you a rental car (whether or not you include that sort of coverage on your plan)... now if they consider it vandalism they probably won't cover, but the person did leave a note (real or not) and your insurer probably won't be able to determine his insurance...