Friday, August 17, 2007

Swedish Man Addicted To Metal, Government Declares It A Disability

Absolute insanity: Swede Roger Tullgren has been diagnosed as having a disability: addiction to heavy metal music. Per reports, Tullgren has been working for a decade to have doctors recognize his addiction. Now, the Swedish employment service will award Tullgren with supplemental income benefits based on the reports of three psychologists. The afflicted can now play music at his dishwashing job, and will be granted time off to attend concerts.

I love metal as much as Tullgren, I'm sure, but doesn't the above sound like he's being enabled? Supplemental income benefits and free time off to support an addiction? I can almost understand this being diagnosed, based on Tullgren behaving in ways that interfere with what would be considered a "normal lifestyle", but supporting his habit sounds starnge to me.

Source: Anorak News

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