Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lejeune - For Club And Country; Free MP3 - "Spanish"

Lejeune - For Club And Country

Out of DC, Lejeune are an indie-pop quintet who come together like Voltron (I just got to make a Voltron and a Wu-Tang Clan reference in an indie review . . . score!) to combine pop, country twang, new wave, and romance to produce For Club And Country, their second full-length.

Blending acoustic and electric guitars with keys and thick bumps and grooves on the low end, the album marks the culmination of a growth period for the band as they expand on their sound and deliver more confident tracks. The post-punk intro on "Spanish" leads into the new-wave Morrissey/Michael Stipe intermixed vocal style of Sam Bishop, and Matthew Richardson's guitar leads on "Replaced By Robots" display Lejeune's nascent style that should tear all 'new-wave revival' comparisons asunder. As apparent as the comparisons to acts before them may be, Lejeune's past is not as precious as its present. This is a band that burns brightly on its own.

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Free MP3: Lejeune - "Spanish"

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Anonymous said...

Yes this is indeed a really great record. I picked it up at a show of theirs because they were so good live. Though through description you may think you know what this bands sound(my friend tried to sum it up before the show) , you dont know it untill you hear it. Honestly original. I'm glad to finally see a review of this.