Monday, August 20, 2007

No Go On Seizure - For The Mistake of Mankind; Free MP3 - "Todays Tomorrow"

No Go On Seizure - For The Mistake of Mankind

Recently received an underground mixtape style, yet respectable, effort from a NY band called No Go On Seizure. It's one of the more rocked-out albums I've received in recent memory, which somehow makes it harder for me to review. No Go On Seizure's For The Mistake of Mankind (cover art by Greg Bernhardt) runs the gamut from hard rock to party rock to classic rock, even throwing some Slayer-type vocals in the mix. Powerful riffs from dual guitars give the album a beefed-up chunkiness. Droners will get down to the slow chugging of "Blood (Redux)" and Motley Crue fans will reminisce fondly during the partying sound of "Jonas E. Salk".

A personal favorite on the album is "Todays Tomorrow", which recalls early '90s grunge favorites (if I close my eyes, I feel like I'm an extra in Singles). For The Mistake of Mankind is heavily influenced by '90s rock, with lots of Nirvana-type chord progressions (in "A Song", for example, I detect hints of "Scentless Apprentice"). No Go On Seizure is naturally suited to Gen-X.

Try if you like: Alice In Chains (for the swampy, dirty guitar sound), Sponge (for the melody), early Soundgarden (for the screaming vox)

Free MP3: No Go On Seizure - "Todays Tomorrow"

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