Thursday, October 12, 2006

Any Given Tuesday Finds More Industry Subterfuge With Raconteurs' "Instant Bootlegs"; New Fiona Apple; Sarah McLachlan Needs You

The Raconteurs are selling recordings of their shows, immediately after the show, and calling them "instant bootlegs." Does it equal a bootleg if it's being released for sale by the performer, presumably in cahoots with their label, and with the label's approval? I thought bootlegs were fan recordings that made their way through the underground. The Pearl Jam ploy wasn't really a 'bootleg', either. Sure, bootlegging has gotten very sophisticated as digital has broken through, but I don't think selling me a CD on the way to the parking lot is a bootleg. Source: Pitchfork Media
Anyway, you can catch The Raconteurs at the GMU Patriot Center on November 17 with Bob Dylan.

In light of the re-release of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and the new soundtrack, check out Fiona Apple's new song, "Sally's Song", at Stereogum.

Ack! Sarah McLachlan needs you to remind her that Christmas albums are for people like Bing Crosby and Elvis, and maybe James Taylor. More than that, what's with that horrible photo?

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