Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Glimpsed You, Regina Spektor.

Yes, "glimpsed" is a proper word. Silly, but proper.

So I went to The Sound Garden in Baltimore last night to see Regina Spektor, and though I couldn't really see her, she sounded beautiful. Her voice is so wonderfully amazing live. Sounds just like on the record, seriously. This woman's brand of piano anti-folk is so entertaining, like on "Uh-Merica" with its grunts that beckon the audience to join in, but the audience sucks. Regina Spektor does not. "Uh-Merica" and "Better" were the memorable songs of the three or four I managed to hear. I arrived a few minutes late, so I'd guess she performed five total.

Her brief appearance (so brief, that it's hard to truly review such a thing) at the record store was prefaced by a night in DC which was picked up by NPR's All Songs Considered (Stream it here) and before her trip to Boston, MA today.

Now when I squeezed in to the record store, I couldn't see her at all. But she sounded so wonderful! Hers is a voice that is indescribably wonderful to hear in person. Between songs, she was a bit too precious, playing the solo performer "one with the crowd, we're all friends, oops I messed up a song, let's all laugh about it" bit a little too much.

After her performance, she was available for autographs, so my wife and I got in the line, and I was able to snap a few shots, and we got her to autograph the latest album:

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