Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baltimore Smoking Ban?; Jeremy Egnik MP3 - "Been Here Before"; New Eminem Premieres On Sirius; Stream The New Damien Rice; New Next Tuesday

Today at 5 PM, the Baltimore City Council will be holding a hearing on a potential indoor smoking ban in Baltimore City. Broadcast on Cable 25, according to the Council's website, this will be a beautiful shouting match on both sides. And for bar-hoppers and live music nuts in general, this should resonate. I dont' smoke, but man, the second-hand smoke really adds to the ambience, doesn't it?

Jeremy Enigk - World Waits
Sunny Day Real Estate fans, check out the new single from Jeremy Enigk, it's called "Been Here Before" and it's off his new solo album, World Waits.

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Fans of Eminem will get a new dose when the next single comes out on Sirius today.

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The new Damien Rice, 9, is available for streaming from AOL.

Coming out next Tuesday (Halloween), remember Deftones' Saturday Night Wrist, the fabulous Baltimore band Animal Collective's re-release of the live Hollinndagain, Kevin Federline's Playing With Fire (for those who enjoy suffering, or at any rate, the humor in listening to a record by a back-up dancer), Lady Sovereign's Public Warning, or even Courtney Love's journals, "Dirty Blonde".

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If you need something that's out now, check out Frida Hyvonen's Until Death Comes. And check her out on November 8 in DC at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

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