Tuesday, October 10, 2006

James Blunt Can't Say Goodbye to Bedlam, Babs Silences Heckler, And Lloyd Banks Gets Generous

James Blunt joins the industry's beat-the-dead-horse mode of selling albums in a time of crap sales by re-issuing Back To Bedlam with a "bonus" live disc. Record companies have found it quite lucrative to run the consumer as sucker game by taking a wildly popular album (Blunt has sold 2.2 million, so far, according to the article on Billboard.com) and dressing it up a little, encouraging those who have already bought it to buy again. Even if 10% of those consumers are willing to buy an album for the second time actually do it, there's 220,000 sales. Not bad.

How about Barbra Streisand getting tough with a heckler at her show? When a heckler wouldn't let up, she told him to shut the *click* up. Source: Y! Music

Props to Lloyd Banks for donating $10K to his high school alma mater in Jamaica, Queens. I'm sensing a return to intelligent and political hip-hop, with some artists actually walking the walk, and it is good.

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