Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Gorillaz, Still? Where Does It Stop? Thankfully, PJ Harvey Hasn't Quit!

Seriously? People still think the Gorillaz are cool? Cool enough to buy exclusive iTunes EP's, (more) DVDs, and a book? This parlor act is becoming a franchise, and I'm sad.

Maybe you'd prefer seeing Diddy have it his way on YouTube, the new member of the Google-opolis, to the tune of $1.65 billion in stock. By the way, you can stream the new album, "Press Play" at MTV's The Leak.

I'm not sure how much of this multimedia cash grabbing I can take from the music industry. Album sales in a slump, so let's go get a Whopper?

On a more positive note, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien on Sunday and Frank Black at Sonar in Baltimore next Wednesday. Buju Banton, notorious for his anti-gay songs, will also be at Sonar next Thursday. He's been catching a lot of heat at shows recently, spurring protests and cancellations at multiple venues.

And the best news of the day: PJ Harvey will be starting work on a new album. She's reuniting with Flood (who engineered NIN's Pretty Hate Machine, and produced The Downward Spiral, but also produced PJ's To Bring You My Love and co-produced Is This Desire?), as well as John Parish, her primary cohort (with whom she shared billing on 1996's Dance Hall At Louse Point). I have a feeling it will be more of an experimental type album like Dance Hall At Louse Point, since it's apparently focused on piano. If you can find that album (I've got it...and has 5 left), check out "Is That All There Is?".

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