Friday, October 27, 2006

Nellie McKay To Release (Another) Double Disc On Halloween; Woxy Internet Radio Is Back; Where Did All The Good Swap Sites Go?

Nellie McKay
Nellie McKay will be releasing a double album, to follow up her debut double album on October 31, complete with a 44-page insert. Columbia Records dropped Nellie, so she is releasing this one herself.

Sample "There You Are" from the album and see how wonderfully eclectic her music is, and be sure to buy it if you like it! If you can't wait until Halloween to buy a hard copy, it's available in digital format now.

So, Woxy Internet Radio is back, and it's free. Give it a whirl.

Way back when, there were some good sites that let you swap old stuff online. Now, our best option is craigslist, where you can do just about anything. The only music-oriented one I'm aware of, la la (plugged by Woxy), even makes you pay them for the privilege of swapping your old CDs with others. Where have all the good swaps gone?

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